Monday, 7 June 2010

BBC Wildlife Magazine Wildlife Artist of the year 2010

I was very pleased to find out that my painting 'Too late!' had won the 'British Birds' category of the BBC Wildlife Magazine Wildlife Artist of the year competition 2010. It's a huge honour to have been judged the winner in this hard-fought category and I don't think I've stopped grinning since I heard.

The painting will be exhibited at Marwell later in the year along with the other category winners which include my friends, Tim Wootton for the 'World Birds' category and Nick Derry for the 'Visions of Nature' category. Congratulations to the both of them.


Jo said...

Way to go Mike, we are very proud of you. We always knew you were good. Congratulations. It is, of course, a super picture.

gynie said...

so cool !!
It's a beautiful painting indeed !
What you did is so cool, as you make the watcher able to imagine a bird story

Mike Woodcock said...

Thanks both. I'm still grinning!

PG said...

hi Mike - big congratulations on the well deserved award! Just popping in to thank you for the extra info on my 'bugs' - you helped clear up a little mystery; when we saw the demoiselles, there were dozens of them and they appeared to be chasing off a slightly larger green dragonfly. I thought that perhaps this was nature mimicking nature, and they were behaving in the same manner as crows do when they mob buzzards. Having just looked up Banded Demoiselles, I've found that the female is green, which explains why she was being pursued so vigorously!

Mike Woodcock said...

Thanks Gretel. There's usually a fair few banded demoiselles round the pond on the farm where I go on holiday in Norfolk. They're fantastic to watch fluttering about over the water.

Szabi said...

Wooow!!! I've just noticed the great news!! Congratulations Mike! It's an excellent achievemnt!