Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Website updated

I confess I'd let my website remain stagnant for too long so, over the past few weeks, I've been beavering away trying to create a new look and uploading some of the work done over the past year or so.

Making a website from scratch is a tough ol' business when you know next to nothing like me. I've had help of course, there's no way I could have done it without the advice and occasional troubleshooting of an expert. Luckily I have such an expert who is willing to help and answer a constant stream of silly questions.

The whole process is frustrating in the extreme, you think you've got something nailed, then you look at your beautiful page in a different browser and it turns into a cubist's nightmare without rhyme nor reason!

Maybe I should have used a template like everyone else!

Anyway after much wailing and gnashing of teeth the results of my toil and my friend's patience are now on the interweb for all to share. The website address remains as it was please drop over and let me know what you think.


sue said...

It all looks great Mike - easy to navigate and some lovely work in your galleries.

Didn't realise we're such 'close neighbours' .... I'm in Tankerton/Whitstable!!

Look forward to seeing more blogposts soon!

Jo said...

Like the website, but I think you need to make it possible to go to gallery page no. whatever, rather than having to plough through all 18 pages to re-find something. I liked your different types of galleries before.

Most of us bloggers have removed the Captcha on the comment page

Mike Woodcock said...

Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by. My parents live in Whitstable so I'm down that way quite often.

Jo, I was looking at the live site last night and I realised the need to jump straight to individual gallery pages, I'm working on it right now!

Jo said...

I didn't know your parents lived in Whitstable Mike.

Are you not doing any animal pix at all now.

Mike Woodcock said...

My parents retired to Whitstable many years ago now, smaller, more manageable house etc. I still paint the occasional mammal but the gallery I sell through only really sells bird paintings so...